The Occupy Movement and the Politics of Educated Hope

The Occupy Movement and the Politics of Educated Hope

Occupy Wall Street protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge on October 1, 2011 (Photo: JSsocal; Reproduced courtesy of Truthout)

The Occupy movement has broadly impacted political discourse, in part through foregrounding the importance of critical education. In this article, Henry Giroux explores the way in which it has challenged the fatalism inherent in the capitalist system, and in doing so has created hope. Giroux sees hope as a subversive force, one which not only offers a glimpse of  brighter future, but actively transforms the present in order to achieve that future. Through the practical translation of theoretical discourses into action for social change, the hope produced by the Occupy movement extends its life to new movements and causes. Read this article…
By Alexandra Epp

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