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The Politics of Educational Assessment in South African Public Schooling, 1994-2010


By Scott Timcke (School of Communication, Simon Fraser University) Over the past two decades various government jurisdictions within the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States have implemented learning outcomes and student centered learning models in their schooling systems. At … Continue reading

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Higher Education in Peril

Public universities and colleges across North America and the United Kingdom appear to be rushing headlong into a new era, caught up in a stampede driven by state-initiated educational policy and demands for ‘modernization’ (certainly a matter of concern in … Continue reading

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Prune University Administrators


By Scott Timcke A person would have to be oblivious to walk around my university campus (Simon Fraser) and not hear the many public gripes from emerging scholars, senior graduate students and junior professors alike. The themes are the same. … Continue reading

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