TEDTalks: Crime & Punishment Lectures

The TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) nonprofit organization has partnered with Netflix to issue a series of curated TEDTalk collections that showcase some of its best lectures around themes such as Defying Disease and The Capitalism Paradox.  The Crime & Punishment collection brings together issues ranging from the psychosocial causes and economic impacts of crime to ways in which corruption might be fought to actions that are wrongly criminalized. Especially inspiring is Karen Tse’s “How to Stop Torture” lecture in which she details a political movement organized by defense lawyers who sought to fix a broken-down justice system in Cambodia in order to prevent the torture and wrongful imprisonment of many Cambodians of all ages. While the slickness of the TED format and its occasional mystification of technology-as-saviour have provoked some thoughtful criticism, the organization continues to offer free access to over 1,000 lectures online that should stimulate rather than close off further discussion and action. The Crime & Punishment collection, as just one example, invites us to think about how no one is immune to crime or the effects of criminal activity, even as all of us can participate in movements to build a more just – and peaceful – world.

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