Five Facts that Put America to Shame

Five Facts that Put America to Shame
Paul Buchheit
outlines five key ways in which the United States has been harmed by the privatization of various institutions. The effects of privatization can be linked to the surprisingly low ranking for children’s health and safety statistics in the US; recent graduates of post-secondary institutions facing crippling debt; the collapse of the mortgage market and its disproportionately ruinous impact on black and Hispanic households; prisons that depend on large incarcerated populations; and a healthcare system that is financially irresponsible and discriminatory. The simplicity with which these points are laid out emphasizes the stark reality of how excessive privatization has impacted the essential services and function of American society. These observations need no adornment as they paint a bleak picture for the present and future of one of the most powerful nations in the world. Read the article…

By Alexandra Epp

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