Youth in Revolt: The Plague of State Sponsored Violence

Youth in Revolt: The Plague of State-Sponsored Violence

(Photo credit: Glenn Halog/Flickr; reproduced courtesy of Truthout)

Chronicling the escalating backlash of the punishing state against dissent and peaceful protest associated with the Occupy movement, Henry Girouxexamines how a combination of ruthless violence, crisis in governance, culture of depravity, and a lack of concern for society’s most vulnerable reveals the undercutting of U.S. democracy by a toxic mix of elitist, militarized, and authoritarian forces.

Rather than sink into despair, Giroux challenges all of us to consider the possibilities for democratic renewal embodied by Occupy and other emerging movements as young people the world over assume public teaching roles in their courageous call to end injustice and exploitation in the name of social equality, human rights, and critical agency. Read the article…

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